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Beyond everyday life

<Activist base pack>


<Going on a forest road as a bicycle pannier bag>

Looking for a new experience

<Acperience * 1> is a small backpack equipped with OGAWAND's original gimmick ADC <Adjustable Daisy Chain> system * 2 in a simple and minimal body.

The capacity can be adjusted from 15L to 30L, and with the concept of "one-day trip", it is a sizing suitable for daily use, day hikes, and staying in a mountain lodge during the snowless season. The main fabric uses "X-Pac", the latest material that combines lightness, strength, and excellent water resistance. The easy-to-use, moderately taut texture makes packing smooth and looks neat regardless of the amount of luggage. The body weight is as light as about 400g, and a wide variety of colors, from chic "black" to vivid "red", is also attractive.

The standard setting comes with a simple design shoulder harness " Simple Light Harness " that is conscious of daily use. A thin pad fits around the upper shoulder, collarbone, and armpit. In addition, the shoulder harness connection, which is a feature of OGAWAND backpacks, and the position where the center of gravity is placed directly behind the back (there is a pad inside the back) provide an unimaginable fit. I will. There are two selection options, "Stretch Polyamide" with standard side pockets and "Polymesh (+1,200 JPY)". Please choose according to your preference.


"Activist Base Pack"

This term is the basis for "options " using the ADC <Adjustable Daisy Chain> system and "shoulder harnesses " that can be replaced to enable users to respond to various activities they desire. It means "bag". By adding, sometimes subtracting, and changing its appearance as needed, you can build a style that matches the situation at that time.


<Fast packing through steep ridges>

Acperience-1 <Over Night>

The estimated load of the "Simple Light Harness" that comes standard is approximately 7 kg * 3. If the total weight is more than that, you can enjoy hiking more comfortably by replacing it with the <Standard Harness > that has the shoulder stabilizer and chest strap with whistle that come standard with the <OWN Series>. In addition, by using <options> such as <ADC slider > and < extra bungee cord > currently on sale, it is possible to carry a total of less than 40 L of luggage by adding an external capacity, and it is lightweight and compact such as shelter and tarp. You can hike overnight by putting together with various equipment.


<Mountain stream night using an external option>

To have, not to have

Anyone can easily replace and adjust the "options" and "harnesses". In addition, since they are also lightweight, they can be replaced only when necessary on the field by keeping them in a backpack. A base pack with variable capacity, and options and harnesses for each occasion. In the field, by using the pack for each activity, it also contributes to reducing the total weight and volume, and even after returning home, it is necessary to have a lot of tools and reduce the storage space. I can do it. But even if you have fewer tools, your "field" will expand more than ever, as long as you have "imagination" and "playfulness".

To the Next Experience…




Light carrier adapter




Activist harness




* Under development

What lies beyond everyday life is not extraordinary, but a new world.

Take a step forward now and open the door to more experiences.


¥ 28,600 (tax included)

* 1 Prefix: A coined word that combines Ac- (in the direction of) + Experience.

* 2 Existing plastic parts are processed and used. We do not guarantee the original performance of the parts

* 3 There are individual differences. * Simultaneous ordering is limited to one item per person.

Type / Color / Selection items

Color: Color:

Material: X-Pac VX07,21s

Black, Navy , Coyote Brown

Material: 210 denier HDPE X grid

Spectra Black


Capacity: 15 to 30L (variable type, not including side pockets)

Weight: Approximately 400g (Body: 330g Simple Light Harness (M): 70g) (± 2% * 3)

Recommended load: ~ 7kg (standard harness recommended for 7kg or more)


* The color of the photo may look different from the actual one depending on the monitor.

* Some of the colors used in the explanatory image photographs are sold out and cannot be manufactured.

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