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Sales Notices and Updates
About sales

<Notice regarding sales>

Regarding business: We are currently receiving a large number of orders, so delivery times may be longer than usual. note that.


〈Workshop and shop “MT.FABs”about>

The business schedule isCalendar at the bottom of the "MT.FABs" homepagePlease refer to.

(You can now check the staff present on that day)

If you would like a backpack fitting, etc., we are available on days other than those listed above.

We will guide you individually, so please contact us from the <CONTACT> page.

<About orders>

“OGAWAND” original products, including backpacks, are produced in limited quantities, so a certain amount of production time is required from order to delivery.Delivery times vary depending on the product, so please be sure to check each page before placing your order.


After the coronavirus, there will be a worldwide shortage of materials, and there is a possibility that transportation from overseas will be disrupted. In addition, delivery dates are subject to change due to new product launches, media coverage, etc., and we may not be able to deliver according to the delivery date (estimated) notified at the time of ordering, so please plan with plenty of time. , please place your order. In addition, as orders will be manufactured and shipped in the order in which they are received, delivery dates cannot be accelerated due to special circumstances. Thank you for your understanding before placing your order.

We will send a reply email (automatic response) to those who have placed an order.

Please double check that the shipping address is correct."If there is an error in the postal code or if the room number is omitted if the nameplate is not displayed,Delivery may not be possible.

Also, depending on your security settings, the email may be sorted as "spam", so if you have not received the email, please check your "spam" folder.<CONTACTPlease let us know from the page.


Please note: Backpack orders are limited to one item per person per order. You cannot order multiple items of the same item at the same time. (*Different models can be ordered)

If you would like more than one item, please place your order again after the items are delivered. If you order multiple items at the same time, or if we judge it to be an equivalent order, we will treat it as a cancellation.Please note.


<Regarding additional orders>

If you haven't shipped the product (such as during backpack production), you can send an additional order in the same package (free shipping). Please order from the website as usual. For purchases totaling ¥ 11,000 or less, the shipping fee will be added once, but the shipping fee will be refunded when the order is received.

* No refunds will be given if the additional order is settled by bank transfer. 

<About custom orders>

We also accept custom orders (special orders) that are not normally sold on our website. Please contact us by email after placing your order. We can only accommodate requests that do not significantly change the product's functionality, such as requests for changes to design, size, or fabric. Please note that additional costs and extended delivery times may be incurred depending on the content of the production. In addition, we do not generally accept requests to produce products that are not sold (such as fully commissioned products).

Example 1: Production outside the regular lineup color +3,300 JPY~

Example 2: Making a front pocket (sewn on) +5,500 JPY~

update information

2023-07-26  Restock Notice"round cord lock” (Four-piece set sales also started)

2023-07-19  mountain bag” has been launched.

2023-04-29  Some product prices have been revised due to soaring raw material prices.

2023-01-25  ICE Pickel CoverAdded a new color to .

2022-12-19  Round StuffAdded a new color to .

2022-07-28  Notice regarding business due to the impact of the coronavirus.

2022-07-14  high waist belt”, and started developing “short” sizes for thin people.

2022-06-01 [archives] ”Women's PEAKS 2022”

2022-01-27 "V tube cap” has resumed sales.

2021-10-18  ICE Pickel Coverhas resumed accepting orders.

2021-10-14  Smartphone payment' is now available.

2021-01-12  "bge-Extension Pack" has arrived.

2020-11-25  Backpack orders have resumed.

2020-11-04  The standard harness has been changed to 5 sizes from XS to XL.

2020-10-30  Notice of change in backpack ordering method.

2020-07-13  Sale of large backpack "Goraon" has started.

2020-05-22  Added G-Buckle type to "Flyweight Belt".  

2020-05-22  The "Dubble Face" tissue case, which can be used on both sides, has undergone a minor change.

2020-05-18  Notice regarding business due to the impact of coronavirus.

2020-04-24  We have started selling Fabric.

2020-04-08  Added "AL-G Slider" to Options.  

2020-04-08  "bge-Extension Pack" has arrived.

2019-12-14  Added "bge-Extension Pack" to Options.  

2019-12-10  Added new colors to "Wrap Sack".  

2019-06-12  Added a new color to the backpack "OWN".

2019-04-22  <Notice about irregular business>

2019-01-21  Added "Annex Clip" to Materials.  

2019-01-08  Cuben fiber version has been added to "ICE Pickel Cover".  

2018-12-18  Added new colors to "Wrap Sack".  

2018-10-11  We are now accepting orders for backpacks.

2018-09-17  White color of "Round Stuff-cuben" has arrived.  

2018-09-05  Added new color to "Wrap Sack - durable".  

2018-03-12  Added "Extra-bottle holder" to Options.  

2018-03-09  Added "ADC-support belt" to Options.  

2017-11-15  Added new colors to "Wrap Sack".

2017-09-24  <Notice regarding temporary closure>

2017-07-30  <Notice regarding summer holidays>

2017-04-13  Added new colors <Deep Sae> and <Moss Green> to "Wrap Sack".  

2017-03-14 〈Event participation notice〉VIVAHDE 〈Mountain tool exhibition〉

2017-01-03  Backpack remodeling service "Spec Up Program" started.

2017-01-03  Added "ICE Pickel Cover" to Utility.

2016-11-16  Added "Flyweight Belt" to Utility.  

2016-10-29  Added new colors to "Wrap Sack".

2016-09-30 〈Notice of event participation〉「HAPPY HIKERS Hokkein Gathering」

2016-08-30  Added "Flat Long Spoon" to Utility.

2016-08-29  Added "Micro 0 Carabiner" to Utility.  

2016-07-24  Notice of 〈2016 summer holidays〉

2016-06-25  We have added a limited quantity new color <Capri Blue> to "Wrap Sack". (←Sold Out)

2016-06-22  Added "V tube cap" to Utility.  

2016-06-18 [archives] “Women Traveling Around the World”

2016-06-07 [archives] “Mountain Trail” & “Mountain Stream”

2016-05-29  Added new colors "Teal Green" and "Coyote Brown" to "Round Stuff".

2016-04-08  Added "ADC-Activist Harness" to Harnesses.  

2016-02-29  Added "Whistle & Compass" to Utility.

2016-01-31  "ADC-Light Carrier Adapter" has been added to the options.

2015-12-08  Activist base pack "Acperience" announced.  

2015-12-07  About the new small pack "Acperience" and backpack order in December

2015-11-11  Added new colors to "Wrap Sack" and "Round Stuff-Cuben".

2015-10-21  Notice of event participation <GEAR LOOP MARKET> 

2015-07-10  Announcement of event participation <Hiker Directions Showcase>

2015-04-02  "OWN-Light" was published in Mook "Ultra Light Style vol.2".

2015-03-25  We were interviewed by the web version of Nikkei Shimbun, "Nikkei Electronic Edition".

2015-03-25  "Round Stuff-Cuben" was introduced in the magazine "PEAKS".

2015-03-11  Wrap Sack has been added to Utility.

2015-01-14 ~How to easily attach Wakan to OWN~

2014-11-11  "MT.FABs" was published in the magazine "BE-PAL December issue".

2014-11-06  Announcement of "MT.FABs", a workshop and showroom jointly operated by garage manufacturers.

2014-10-10  Added "Whistle Buckle Dual Side Release" and "Puck Hook Ladder Lock" to materials.  

2014-08-29  Notice of stores <Moon light Gear>

2014-08-26  <Backpack-OWN> was published in Mook "Ultra Light Style UL Evolution".  

2014-08-19  Added "PE Lite Form" to Materials.  

2014-08-02  We have started selling the backpack "body" and "shoulder harness" separately.  

2014-07-22  Gallery page added. "User's Report" is also introduced.

2014-07-11  Added new products such as "Dyneema Cord" to Materials.

2014-06-16  <Backpack-OWN> was published in the magazine "Keiryu Summer 2014".

2014-06-02  Added "Round Stuff-Cuben" and "Ronud Storage" to Utility.

2014-06-02  <Packing (Round Stuff Series)> has been added to the Packing and Fitting page.

2014-06-02  Utility "Round Stuff" size development started.  

2014-05-09  Added <OWN-Light> to Backpack.

2014-02-12 〈Make Your Own Gear〉Started selling plastic parts used in “OGAWAND”.

2014-02-06 “OGAWAND” was introduced as “New Gear From the Cottages 2014” in 〈Hiking in Finland〉.  

2014-01-30 Added new colors "Indigo x White" and "Burgundy x White" to <Round Stuff> and <Dubble Face>.

2013-12-09  <Backpack-OWN> was posted on the web media <geared>.

2013-12-09  Added <OWN-Packing Method> to the Packing and Fitting page.

2013-11-20  Added a new color "Green" to Backpack/Back Pack <OWN>.

2013-11-06  Information of dealer <Hiker's Depot>

2013-10-25  Added "Extra-Back Pad" to Options.

2013-10-24  Information about the event

2013-10-21  <Backpack-OWN> was published in the November issue of BE-PAL magazine.  

2013-10-21  Notice of event participation <Gear Loop Market>

2013-10-07  Notice of event participation <TRAILS in Myoko>

2013-09-25  Added "EDELRID - ARANYA Carabiner" to Utility.

2013-09-12  The website has been released.  

2013-09-07  Twitter account and facebook page opened.

2013-09-06  Added "Dubble Face" to Utility.

2013-09-05  The site has been pre-opened.

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