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A palm-sized supporting role
ARANYA / Micro 0

Accessories, but accessories.

An accessory carabiner from EDELRID, which is famous for climbing gear (not yet released in Japan).

<ARANYA> is a palm-sized total length of 7.3 cm, and <Micro 0> is a mini carabiner with a total length of about 4 cm, which is about half the size of it, and the color of aluminum is beautiful. When you go to an outdoor shop, there are many types of "accessory carabiner", from multifunctional to funny, but there are three points why "OGAWAND" recommends this.

1. Thin and lightweight

2. A gate that opens wide (the part where the wire opens) and a nose that is easy to hook (the tip of the part that hooks)

3. Robustness

Although it is a basic element, its borderline (standard) is high. <ARANYA: 13g / 1 piece> <Micro 0: 3.5g / 1 piece> If you divide it as an accessory, it may become heavier than you think if you have several pieces, so "light" cannot be said. Even a light type of wire gate carabiner used for climbing weighs about 35-40g, so you can have 3 with <ARANYA> * 1. Also, being "thin" means it's not only easy to get caught in a backpack or other loops, but it's also nice that it's not bulky when you take it as a spare.

The gate and nose of 2 are similar, but even if they look similar, the shape of the nose is slightly inward, and the "chin" part of the gate is sharp, which makes it very difficult to attach and remove. .. In addition, the gate is hard and does not open more than I expected, and it opens fully with a light force, and the shape of the nose is perfect.

Regarding the last "robustness", we often see broken accessory carabiners next to used tissue paper (* toilet situation in the mountains ) and rubber caps at the tip of trekking poles in the lost items (garbage) that we actually see in the mountains. .. Perhaps it comes with off-the-shelf bottle cases and pouches from the beginning, but unfortunately there aren't many good ones out there. The worst thing is that the parts that should have been connected are damaged and come out, which means that you will lose the entire hooked object. It is important to note that not only will you lose important things, but you will also put (throw away) unnecessary things on the mountain. (I have been using <ARANYA> for over 10 years, but I have never felt any problems, let alone damage.)


Unchanging reliability

No matter how light or small the gears are, the size of the human hand is the same as it used to be.

Similarly, <ARANYA Carabiner> has been in production for more than a dozen years without changing its shape (although the manufacturers that provide it have changed). This is proof that it has been used in the actual field and is fully functional, and shows one complete form that there is nothing to add or omit. Compared to the low-priced versions of <Micro 0 Carabiner>, which are widely available, the feeling of use is clear when you touch them. For small things, even the slightest difference will greatly affect usability. The point as a "real" outdoor accessory is that it is easy to put on and take off, and that it is easy to use even when you are wearing gloves or when it is cold and your hands are gnawing. Please feel the difference.

ARANYA(1,540 JPY)/ Micro 0 Carabiner(880 JPY)
Alanya / Micro Zero Carabiner
​¥880~ (tax included)

Type / Color / Selection items

Color: Color:

Blue / Gray / Orange / Magenta / Lime


<ARANYA> Dimensions: W: 4.6 x H: 7.3 cm : 13g

<Micro 0> Dimensions: W: 2.6 x H: 4.1 cm : 3.5 g

Material: Made of aluminum


* 1 Please do not use it as a safety device for climbing. (Static load capacity: 650kg / ARANYA)

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