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A new shape born from users

The front part of the "OGAWAND" backpack is a "vacant lot" where you can attach "seasonal gear" such as "snowshoes" and "wakan" and "irregular things" such as "large pots for banquets (?)". ", I dare to leave a space. We respond to requests for "custom front pockets" in the form of individual "custom orders", but there are several reasons why "OGAWAND" does not standardize front pockets.

Backpack pockets are convenient to have, so it's easy to put anything in them. (← You can see it well) Then, especially in the case of a lightweight frameless pack, a cavity (dead space) is likely to be created inside the main body, and the center of gravity tends to be lowered (the lower side of the backpack bulges greatly). This not only looks bad, but also makes the balance worse when you carry it on your back, which can increase the burden on your shoulders. Also, when you carry the front part on your back, it is the farthest part from your body (center of gravity on the vertical axis), so if you put something with a specific gravity, a slight centrifugal force will be generated and the backpack will be easily shaken, which is unnecessary. There is also the point that it is easy to feel the weight.

And the most "OGAWAND" reason is "decrease in freedom". In the above, the front part was expressed as a "vacant lot", but what kind of "play" to play in that "vacant lot" is left to the user's free thinking and imagination. It can't be helped if you think it's left to the people, but I think that such "thinking (sometimes devising) and choosing" is very important for playing in nature, and "the minimum necessary and sufficient". "There is a limit element and room for expansion" is the point that "OGAWAND" attaches great importance to when making a backpack, and we always keep in mind that it is "neutral".

Pockets are not always effective, and they are not without the “disadvantages” behind them and the “elements that unknowingly guide you to use them”. Of course, I also know that the kind of "front pocket" is very convenient if I understand these points and use it well, so I have been wondering how to put together this contradictory concern for many years. While I was doing it, I came across a "good thing" in an unexpected place.

"Back count try geekers equipment"

" Backcountry geekers equipment " is a garage brand created by acquaintance "Yuki Takashi ( @ takashi.bge )" who has been using "OWN " since the brand start of "OGAWAND". He likes maniac activities such as "mountain fishing" and "backcountry skiing" as well as mountaineering, and he always produces lightweight, extremely simple functions, and chic coloring and design. .. The "attachment pack for OWN" that he created for backcountry skiing is the prototype of this "expansion pack" and "bge-Extension Pack" that "OGAWAND" ordered this time. Originally, it was an attachment pack (slightly larger than the Extension Pack + double ax loop specification) for storing gear (excavator, probe, etc.) corresponding to the "avalanche" called "avalanche gear" required for backcountry skiing. We requested that it be changed to "resize + versatile specifications" so that it is easy to use even in normal mountain climbing.

<↓ Packing example>

Upper: Headlamps, batteries, caps, sunglasses, gloves, shell pants

Middle: First aid kit, titanium cooker + alcohol bottle + alcohol stove

Bottom: Emergency sheet, PET bottle (500ml), water purifier, mini table, rain jacket

* Because there is a little more room, action meals are also included. The black tape-shaped item at the bottom left is the "simple shoulder harness."


Both "degree of freedom" and "ease of use"

This "bge-Extension Pack" has the simplicity of being able to easily and securely connect to the front surface of the backpack to be attached with two upper and lower belts, and the light weight and high strength of "HDPE X Grid stop" x "Cordura 500". The fabric and opening are made of "YKK Aqua Guard (water-stopping zipper)" with a zipper pull that is easy to open even with gloves, and has a high degree of perfection. * 1 Also, due to the additional existence of "extension", the overall thickness is set as thin as 5 cm, but on the contrary, this produces good results as a single product. Even if you store small gears like the one in the picture above, it keeps the height and prevents things from accumulating at the bottom and lowering the center of gravity. It has a built-in removable pad (5 mm thick) on the back, which makes it hard to lose its shape, and you can carry it on your back by using the included "simple shoulder harness". The appearance is refreshing, and there are many places to play an active part, such as attacking with a base camp, walking around the city on a trip, mountain stream fishing, skiing on the slopes, etc. Putting together "frequently used gears" or "gears that can be removed and used as is" will allow you to quickly take the next action and increase your mobility without having to access the main compartment of your backpack. It can be said that the product has a good fusion of "degree of freedom" and "ease of use" that can be expanded only when necessary.

This attachment pack is the result of the user's "free thinking" and "imagination that leads to their own field." I am convinced that it will expand the possibilities and diversity of "tools" and will continue to the "next step".

bge-Extension Pack

¥ 15,800 (tax included)

We are currently changing the production system.
Please wait a moment now.

* 1 It is not completely waterproof because it is not seam-sealed.

* 2 Different colors or custom requests are also possible. If you wish, please contact "bge" directly.

Type / Color / Selection items

Color: Spectra Black x Cordura Black * 2


Size: W: 24.0 ~ 19.0 × H: 42.0 × D: 5.0cm

Weight: 172g + Simple shoulder harness 34g


* The color of the photo may look different from the actual one depending on the monitor.

* Some of the colors used in the explanatory image photographs are sold out and cannot be manufactured.

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