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Clip Stabilizer

Ultra-compact and lightweight gas can legs

A burner is an essential tool for boiling water and cooking while climbing or camping. There are several types of burners depending on the fuel, such as solid or alcohol, but the simple and high-power "cartridge type gas burner'' boasts an overwhelming market share and popularity.


“Clip Stabilizer” is theAttach to the edge of the gas cartridge (gas can)alone can provide flexible stability.

This is the first OGAWAND item produced using a 3D printer.

doubting the obvious

Many so-called "bottle holders" have been on the market in various shapes and specifications. Just by looking at people passing by during a hike, we can see that there are various tastes and installation methods for men and women of all ages, and demand is quite high. With the spread of trail running, the convenience of the bottle holder on the front of the shoulder harness has been recognized, and it is natural to want to use it for normal mountain climbing. And the biggest factor is the existence and spread of light and convenient "PET bottles" that are "easy to obtain", "lightweight container", "can be drunk as it is, and can be plugged (lid)". , I strongly feel that this is the reason why more hikers are anxious for "bottle holders".

How about after actually entering the field?

The advantage of having the "bottle holder (drink bottle)" in a position where it can be easily taken out (near the body) is

1. You can drink water diligently

2. Easy to check the remaining amount and easy to replenish

3. The balance of the center of gravity is improved by placing heavy water near the body * 1

And so on. The impression is that the "existence of a light PET bottle" makes the mountain line itself lighter. However, even if it is convenient, if it is too large, it will interfere with walking, so the size of the "Extra-Bottle holder" is currently the most popular PET bottle size of 450-600 ml * 2 Optimized for.

The weight of the holder body is as light as about 40g, so there is almost no discomfort when wearing it when nothing is in it.


field is not flat

As the name suggests, the "Clip Stabilizer" is a clip-shaped part that is attached to the edge of a gas can. The legs are independent (2.5g each) and are extremely lightweight, and the mounting position (angle relative to the gas can) can be changed freely. Although it is sold as a set of 4, you can use as many as you need depending on the usage situation, allowing for free settings. Although the field may appear flat at first glance, it is often slightly sloped, has ups and downs, and has obstacles (such as stones). theThe essence of "Clip Stabilizer" is that it can be fine-tuned by changing or reducing the mounting position for subtle inclinations and undulations.

In addition, the parts are equipped with magnets, so you can store them in groups of four or by attaching them separately to gas cans. With a three-legged stabilizer, if you change the cooking system, you may not be able to stack as desired, but with the excellent storage properties of the "Clip Stabilizer", you won't have to worry about that. lose.


The benefits of "Clip Stabilizer" go beyond just improving stability. Normally, when you use a gas burner, condensation occurs on the gas can due to the heat of vaporization, so if you place it directly on the ground without a stabilizer, the condensation will attract sand and soil, which may cause the can to rust. This increases the amount of time and effort it takes to remove dirt, but by using Clip Stabilizer, you can reduce that hassle.


​The color is "Available in 3 colors: Black, Orange, and Gray. Please choose according to your preference and visibility.

The thickness of the "rim" varies depending on the compatible brand cartridge (gas filling company). There are two types available depending on the gas cartridge you are using.​Please choose.*1 *2

<P-type>: MSR, JETBOIL (TAEYANG CORPORATION), Snow Peak (Taiyo Co., Ltd.),PRIMUS(NKK Co., Ltd.)*3

<S-type>: SOTO, EPI,PRIMUS(Toho Metal Industry Co., Ltd.) *3

*PRIMUS cartridges have different edge thicknesses depending on the filling company (listed on the cartridge). please note.

Give you a more stable and enjoyable cooking time

Clip Stabilizer
​¥2,310 (tax included)

*  The product only includes the legs. Gas cans and burners shown in the photo are not included.

*1 Size is smallIf you forcefully attach or remove it from a small item, the corner may become crushed and become unusable.

*2Please use cartridges from manufacturers whose sizes have not been confirmed at your own risk.

*3even the same brandFilling companybutThere is a different case (*PRIMUS)

​   Please let us know if there are any changes to the standards for gas cans.I would appreciate it if you could let me know.

*Unconfirmed gas cartridges (other than Japan) sold overseas.

Type / Color / Selection items

<Compatible brand cartridges>



Snow Peak (Taiyo Co., Ltd.)

PRIMUS (NKK Co., Ltd.) *3



SOTO, EPI, PRIMUS (Toho Metal Industry Co., Ltd.)

Color: Black, Orange, Gray


W:3.0×H:2.5×D:0.6cm Weight:2.5g

​ (per piece)



*Colors in the photo may look different from the actual product depending on your monitor.

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