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Combine frequently used items into one.
From everyday use to the field.


Double Face

Unusual double-sided use

A tissue case that can be used on both sides. You can use regular pocket tissues on one side and wet tissues or alcohol tissues on the other side. Made of colorful silnylon material with excellent water repellency, it is attractive not only for everyday use, but also for its ease of being carried as is for hiking. Having a wet tissue on one side is very convenient for wiping dirty hands and bodies, and wiping down the cooktop after meals, especially in the field where water is at a premium. It can hold up to 3 pieces of common pocket tissue size that can be found anywhere, and the long strap allows you to use both hands while hanging it on your wrist, making it useful in dark or narrow places. There is also a small loop, so you can hook it to a backpack with a carabiner.


I think many people use ``roll paper'' (commonly known as toilet paper) in the mountains, but since it is originally water-soluble, it crumbles when it absorbs water, and you tend to use up more paper than necessary. Another fatal weakness is that if you accidentally get it wet, most of it will solidify and become useless. On the other hand, pocket tissue is light and compact, so if you put it in a gap in your clothing or backpack, it won't get in the way. If you keep one in each staff bag as a spare, you can reduce the risk of getting it wet and getting wiped out.


Surprisingly you don't know? Toilet paper problem in the mountains

What you need to be careful about when it comes to toilets in the mountains, and what is often misunderstood, is the ``tissues that easily dissolve in water'' that you often see these days.

This does not mean that even if you bury it underground, it will immediately decompose naturally (soil). In fact, for paper to decompose naturally, it takes many years to be buried deep underground, where there are many microorganisms."Water-soluble" is only effective in toilets equipped with sewage facilities or equivalent equipment.On the other hand, if you discard water-soluble paper in the mountains, it will melt in the rain and stick to rocks and soil, making it difficult to clean and, in the worst case, impossible to recover. These unrecoverable papers are often scattered in hidden, out-of-the-way places such as branch points on mountain trails and rest points, which not only affect the aesthetics but also the surrounding ecosystem. effect. There is also a method of burning it with a lighter etc. after use, but in reality, in most cases, it will not completely burn out immediately after use, and there is a risk of causing a forest fire, so this method is not recommended. I don't really recommend it unless you're an experienced user. Collection, incineration, etc. in places other than “mountain huts with treatment facilities” or “public toilets”As a general rule, it is best and easiest to take ``used paper'' home in a sealed bag, then return it to the appropriate place before disposing of it.I believe that it is necessary for hikers and people working in the mountains to communicate and make each other aware of this so that they can have a more comfortable time in the mountains.

I think some people think that pocket tissue is not a mountain tool, but the more you use it casually on a daily basis, the more you appreciate it when you're in the mountains. When you look at this tissue case, you realize that, in a sense, it's the origin of OGAWAND: ``With a change of perspective and a little tweaking, it can become very useful even in the mountains.''

Dubble Face

​¥1,540 (tax included)

Type / Color / Selection items


*Please select side A or side B.

White, Gray, Red, Blue, Yellow, Indigo, Burgundy,Teal Green, Coyote Brown


Dimensions: W:13.0 × H:10.0 cm 

Weight: 5g Material: 30D Silnylon 


*Colors in the photo may look different from the actual product depending on your monitor.

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