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カラー:チャコール ブラック(Charcoal Black) 左:メッシュタイプ 右:X-Pac タイプ(底部に水抜きハトメ有り)
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カラー:グレーベージュ(Gray Beige) 左:メッシュタイプ 右:X-Pac タイプ(底部に水抜きハトメ有り)
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パッド入りで適度に形を保持する背面と、フレキシブルな装着を可能にする「Annex Clip」(2個付属)。 取り付けのバランスなどを考慮して「上、中、下段」のいずれかのスリットにパーツをセットします。
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The "bottle holder" has received many requests from before. Since it was an item that required exquisite attention, it took time to materialize it, but I found a flexible drop point that seems to be "OGAWAND", so it is a full-fledged appearance. As for "OGAWAND",

・ Easy to install and replace even on the field

・ Easy to put in and take out bottles with one hand

-Lightweight and hard to shake. There are 3 points.

To walk lightly

Many so-called "bottle holders" have been on the market in various shapes and specifications. Just by looking at people passing by during a hike, we can see that there are various tastes and installation methods for men and women of all ages, and demand is quite high. With the spread of trail running, the convenience of the bottle holder on the front of the shoulder harness has been recognized, and it is natural to want to use it for normal mountain climbing. And the biggest factor is the existence and spread of light and convenient "PET bottles" that are "easy to obtain", "lightweight container", "can be drunk as it is, and can be plugged (lid)". , I strongly feel that this is the reason why more hikers are anxious for "bottle holders".

How about after actually entering the field?

The advantage of having the "bottle holder (drink bottle)" in a position where it can be easily taken out (near the body) is

1. You can drink water diligently

2. Easy to check the remaining amount and easy to replenish

3. The balance of the center of gravity is improved by placing heavy water near the body * 1

And so on. The impression is that the "existence of a light PET bottle" makes the mountain line itself lighter. However, even if it is convenient, if it is too large, it will interfere with walking, so the size of the "Extra-Bottle holder" is currently the most popular PET bottle size of 450-600 ml * 2 Optimized for.

The weight of the holder body is as light as about 40g, so there is almost no discomfort when wearing it when nothing is in it.

取り付けしたい場所にクリップを挟んで留めるだけ。 「Annex Clip」は取り付ける向きも簡単に変更できます。
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はずす時は二股になっているクリップの先端をつまむとロックが解除します。 ※現在はホルダー側の中央のスリットがないタイプに変更しました。
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指1本でテンションを掛けることができます。 絞ったショックコードをボトルの首に引っ掛けることで落下防止にも。
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チェストストラップに干渉しないようにハーネス前面に付けた例。 左右のショルダーにダブルで付ければ歩行時の安定性も増します。
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ショルダーハーネス下部のテープ部分に装着した例。 取り出しやすく安定性もいいですがテープの引きしろに注意が必要です。
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クリップ一個でショルダーハーネスの根元に装着した例。 身体の縦重心に近い位置なので、重さを感じにくい取り付け方法です。
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Lightweight but keeps shape

The stretched "X-Pac (lightweight VX03)" edge and the 5mm thick padded back retain the basic shape of the holder. This makes it possible to smoothly put in and take out bottles and to easily attach them to each part.

In addition, the shock cord on the edge can be tensioned with one finger, and conversely, if you pull the edge while pressing the cord rocker, it will loosen easily. Hooking the squeezed shock cord around the neck of the bottle also prevents it from falling unexpectedly.

"Annex Clip" is mainly used for attaching to harnesses. Simply set the parts in the slit (upper, middle, or lower) on the back of the holder, pass it through the place where you want to attach the backpack, and close the clip. By closing it tightly, you can hold the tape and prevent it from slipping. Depending on the mounting position, one clip will be enough, but by fastening it at two places, you can reduce the shaking more effectively.

The "Extra-Bottle holder" can be connected to backpacks of other brands as well as the "Standard Harness" and "Simple Light Harness" * 3 that are standard equipment on the "OGAWAND" backpack. If it is a shoulder harness, it can be fixed to the vertical tape part (width 2 cm to 2.5 cm) using "Annex Clip", and if it is horizontal tape (width up to 4.5 cm), it can be used by passing it through the slit on the back of the holder. Since it is possible, a simple type waist belt can be worn on the waist. * 4 The ease with which you can freely change the usage on the field according to the situation at that time is the feature and the real pleasure of the "Extra-Bottle holder". It can be used not only for drink bottles, but also for action foods, sunglasses, compact digital cameras, and other items that you want to take in and out frequently during a hike.

Selectable type, coloring that does not quarrel

There are two types: the "X-Pac (VX03) type", which is taut and easy to put in and take out, and the "mesh type", which makes it easy to check the contents and drains well. Choose the one that suits your taste from a total of four colors, two colors, "Charcoal Black" and "Gray Beige", which give a calm impression.

A great story always comes with a "good supporting role".

Supporting, complementing, and sometimes guiding the protagonist. "Extra-Bottle holder" is such

As a "name side role", it will surely contribute to your activity.

Extra-Bottle holder

¥ 3,900 (tax included)

* 1 More stable by balancing left and right * 2 Size: Diameter Φ: ~ 6.5cm x H: 15.0cm

* 3 In the case of "Simple Light Harness", it is recommended to use the separately sold "Chest Strap" together.

* 4 Please note that the backpack may shift when it is raised or lowered.

Type / Color / Selection items

X-Pac (VX03) type / mesh type

Color: Charcoal Black / Gray Beige


Size: W: 8.5 x D: 8.5 (measured at the top) x H: 17.0 cm

Weight: X-Pac type 20g: Mesh type 23g + Annex Clip: 8g x 2


* The color of the photo may look different from the actual one depending on the monitor.

* Some of the colors used in the explanatory image photographs are sold out and cannot be manufactured.