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ADC-Front mesh Pocket

A new frontier in which backpacks have a different taste

This is a long-awaited optional part for “OGAWAND” backpack users. The front mesh pocket has a strong impression as an icon of UL backpacks. It's really convenient to be able to stuff things into your backpack without having to open or close it.

Up until now, we have produced products with front pockets as custom orders, but with the introduction of the removable "Front mesh Pocket", you will be able to gain even more freedom.

今までは、カスタムオーダーという形でフロントポケットあり仕様のものを制作してきましたが、この後付け取り外し可能な「Front mesh Pocket」の登場で、さらなる自由を手に入れることができるでしょう。

Effectiveness of surplus space

The capacity of the pocket is approximately 5-6L. In terms of image, it might be a typical top and bottom set of rain jacket and pants, or a set of zelt (or solo tent flysheet) + pegs and guy lines. In any case, since the capacity is not that large, it will be treated as a secondary device.

However, even if you say "sub" in one word, it is also true that having such leeway and surplus leads to "comfort" when hiking itself. I really want to put it in my backpack, but it's hard to put things in a backpack if you don't want them to collapse, if they're wet, or if you might use them again soon... While hiking, I often find myself worrying about packing. At times like that``A space that can be roughly stored for the time being'' means that it is more convenient than the actual capacity.Many people will feel this from their own experience. We believe that creating such a "surplus area" is the meaning and value of this pocket. In addition, even for those who always pack with a front pocket, this pocket is an aftermarket part that can be installed without any discomfort, providing natural ease of use.


However, one thing to keep in mind is that the front part of the backpack is also the part furthest away from your body, so don't overdo it.If you put something with a heavy specific gravity (such as water or a battery) in it, it will tend to be pulled backwards and downwards while walking, which also has the disadvantage of increasing the burden on your shoulders. People who tend to put everything in there should be careful.


Attachment that doesn't look like an attachment

"ADC-Front mesh Pocket" is available in two sizes: a common type for "OWN" and "Acperience", and a large backpack "Goraon". Both can be installed without discomfort even when the capacity of the backpack changes. For installation, OGAWAND's original gimmick, the ``ADC (Adjustable Daisy Chain) System,'' comes into play."Simply pass the tape at the four corners of the front mesh pocket through the ADC loop of the backpack and secure with the snap button."It's the simplest and easiest way to do it. Attachments tend to be complicated in this area, tend to sag easily, and don't look very good, but this front pocket takes about 30 seconds to install, and is designed to prevent luggage from accumulating at the bottom. It's really nice to have something that looks just like it did from the beginning. (It's only natural that it's made by the original company, so it's only natural.) You can change the taste depending on the type of mountaineering, level of difficulty, and mood, and you can easily attach and remove it even while climbing. So please try using it according to your situation.

The material is composed of two pieces of nylon mesh that has low water retention and dries quickly, allowing for rough usage, just as you would expect from a "front mesh pocket.""OGAWAND"There is a "normal mesh" version with a mesh similar to the side pockets of a backpack (slightly lighter), and a "wide mesh" version with a slightly larger mesh. If you want a sense of unity with your backpack or don't want to show the contents too clearly, choose ``Normal Mesh,'' and if you prefer a rough ultralight (old garage brand) look, choose ``Wide Mesh.'' .*2

Freely removable front pocket

ADC-Front mesh Pocket
​¥4,400~ (tax included)

*1Snap buttons are very difficult to remove horizontally,Please be careful not to get caught while rowing through bushes, narrow ridges, rocky areas, etc.

*2​ We may unify to either one depending on the future situation.

Type / Color / Selection items

・For OWN, Acperience

・For Goraon

Mesh type: normal, wide


<For OWN, Acperience>

W:26.0×H:39.0cm Weight:57g (64g)

<For Goraon>

W:28.0×H:42.0cm Weight: 64g (72g)

​ ( ) is wide mesh type weight

Material: Nylon


*Colors in the photo may look different from the actual product depending on your monitor.

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