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To accompany the snowy mountains.

Soft type ice ax cover

ICE Pickel Cover

To a mountain different from the snowless season

In winter, the mountain ground is covered with snow and turns into a silver-white world. The place to walk is tens of centimeters to several meters higher than the trail in the summer, and it is also a season when you can feel a different enjoyment of walking. "Ice ax (or ice ax)" is one of the "important tools" necessary for walking in the snowy mountains as a walking aid on such snow surface and as a brake when slipping. There is. In winter, the number of "pointed tools" that have the meaning of "non-slip" will increase.

When entering public transportation such as trains and buses, as well as ropeways and mountain lodges, it is necessary to carry sharp-edged items such as ice axes, crampons, and trekking poles with due consideration for people and buildings around them. Ideally, think of it as a "taste" for those who enjoy the mountains.


"Ice ax cover" with a durable yet soft texture

There are various types of ice ax covers on the market, from soft cover types to hard plastic covers, but this "ICE Pickel Cover" is a versatile "ice ax cover" located in the middle. is. * 2

The body is made of lightweight yet durable material (210D Dyneema), and each tip is sewn so that the fabric is doubled. Even if the slight clearance between the outer and inner fabrics hits a hard object such as rock, the inner and outer fabrics will shift and the impact will be released, causing the fabric to wear and the tip to stick out. You can prevent it from getting stuck. It feels soft to the touch and is easy to handle even with gloved hands.

The "pick (thin and sharp part of the blade) cover" and the "blade (wide part on the opposite side of the pick) cover * 3" are connected by a shock cord, and the length and tension can be freely adjusted according to each ice ax. .. The "pick cover" covers not only the end but also the center of the jagged blade, reducing unexpected contact with clothing and providing a sense of security in appearance.

In addition, the cover of "Spitze (lower tip of the handle)" can be attached without any problem even with a bent shaft (curved handle) because it can be attached to the base of the blade with a shock cord regardless of the shape of the tip, and it may fall or be lost. You can reduce your worries. Even after removing it, you can put each cover together in the "blade cover" and fasten the snap button to store it compactly, and it fits comfortably in your pocket.

If you are looking for such an "ice ax cover" that is lightweight and unobtrusive while covering well, why not use the "ICE Pickel Cover" to accompany the snowy mountains.

ICE Pickel Cover
​¥3,300~ (tax included)

* 1 "Pickel" is German, but it is used because it is familiar as a name.

* 2 Not as strong as a plastic hard cover. Please judge the usage situation and install

* 3 The width inside the blade cover is approximately 5.5 cm. It may not fit in some ice axes.

We can change the size, so please check your ice ax before consulting.

Type / Color / Selection items

・210D Spectra Black, Olive, Gray

・1.0oz Cuben Fiber (*External skin only)


・210D Spectra ~ Weight: 14g

・1.0oz Cuben Fiber (*External skin only) Weight: 10g


* The color of the photo may look different from the actual one depending on the monitor.

* Some of the colors used in the explanatory image photographs are sold out and cannot be manufactured.

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