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Mountain Bag

Thinking about the mountains in everyday life

Until now, we have been making prototypes in various directions to create bags that can be used in everyday life. I went through a lot of confusion, but I think I've finally come up with something that feels like ``OGAWAND''.

When I hear "OGAWAND-like," I think of something like a backpack, but do I have any special features or gimmicks? You might think so, but this time it's different. It is exactly “opposite approach"in "OGAWAND”.Even if it is called “the exact opposite,” please rest assured that the usability will not be compromised.

Lighter weight and high-performance materials in mountaineering equipment provide many benefits to us as hikers. And it's only natural that you would want to use this excellent tool for everyday life and work other than hiking. However, compared to clothing, bags tend to have strong designs and colors, so depending on the TPO, they often end up being a little off-putting. We have repeatedly tested many prototypes of “OGAWAND”, including ones that are specialized for weight reduction and ones that incorporate many functions, but none of them were suitable for daily use, and unfortunately, they were put in storage. It was entered. Why? Even if it is the same “excellent tool”,This is because the ``elements'' and ``tastes'' required in the mountains and in the lower regions are subtly but clearly different.

Connecting the mountains and the world below

There is a word that says, "Thinking about something." This word means to think about something that is not actually there, imagine it, and have feelings for it. Whether it's a photo or a painting, it's not actually there, but by looking at it, you can reminisce or feel excited about anticipation. "Mountain Bag" is a bag that allows you to "express your thoughts". From a tent site under the starry sky, from the window of a mountain hut, from inside a car on the highway... The silhouette of a mountain range has probably been seen by everyone at some point. That silhouette is expressed using the entire bag. Different people imagine different mountains. Are the mountains lying quietly in the dark night the mountains of that day, or the mountains of someday? The pure black silhouette that evokes a mixture of anticipation and anxiety always shakes our hearts.

As mentioned earlier, this bag is not a so-called "mountain tool" for use in the mountains. This is a bag that focuses on use mainly for daily life in the lower world, commuting to work or school, traveling, before and after hiking. Until now, "OGAWAND" has been developing products with a commitment to "mountain tools" (= tools that can only be used in the mountains), but this time we have made a clean break from that. but,By doing so, we were able to eliminate the ambiguity of ``mountain or town'' and shift to a unique concept of ``a tool for thinking about the mountains in the lower world.''. The slightly exaggerated name ``Mountain Bag'' reflects our desire to become a ``tool that makes you think about the mountains'' in your casual daily life, something that connects the mountains and the world below.


How to use the material to bring out its expression

The main fabric representing the night sky is a thick fabric called LS42 from X-Pac Lite Skin. Lite Skin's unique gauze-like surface has a dull luster, giving it a unique presence and luxury, just like aged leather products. It has a sturdy texture, almost no creases or wrinkles, and is highly waterproof, making maintenance easy. It is durable enough to withstand repeated daily use. Although it has a solid texture, it does not have the bulky weight of canvas or leather, and is much lighter than it looks. (Tote: body weight 245g)


The silhouette (bottom) part of the mountain is made of Cordura 500, which has a reputation for strength. While firmly guarding the bottom, its matte look creates a unique two-tone contrast with Lite Skin.

For the structure, we have stopped using the backpack-like method of manufacturing each panel separately, and we have also avoided exposing the stitching as much as possible. By doing so,The corners are rounded, creating a smoother form and visual continuity (expansion), expressing the uniqueness of a bag but also a painting..


Details required in daily life

The "handle" part and the included "shoulder strap" are made of 25mm wide tape with smooth 3D mesh sewn as a cushion. It's soft to the touch, so it won't hurt your fingers even if you hold something heavy for a long time, and it won't rub against your clothes when you wear it over your shoulder. The "shoulder strap" is easy to adjust in length and is useful in situations where you want to use both hands. If you pull the strap all the way, you can use it like a messenger bag, making it convenient for traveling by bicycle.

Inside, there is an inner pocket with a slightly larger key hook so you can put your wallet and smartphone together. Since it is installed at a slightly lower position, it does not easily fall over even if you place it with items inside. The flat rubber that closes the inner pocket is linked to the snap button on the edge of the main body, so you can close it snugly, or you can use the flat rubber to close it a little loosely.

Normally, this type of fabric tends to emphasize its functionality, but this time,“Mountain Bag”Prioritize worldview. Even the brand tag is not shown on the outside (only on the inside pocket), making use of the characteristics of the fabric and allowing the material to function as a visual effect. In addition, the ``casual feel'' of small details that you may not notice at first glance can be said to be a pleasant element that is sought after in everyday life. By best matching the material and shape (specifications), we have achieved a look and usability that is just right for everyday use. The unique and unprecedented concept of ``thinking about the mountains'' is what makes this ``OGAWAND'' unique.

There are two types of shapes: ``Tote'', which is suitable for work and everyday use, and ``Cargo'', which is horizontal and has a wide gusset that is easy to use as a gear bag. Please add it to your daily life.

I have talked about this and that, but to put it simply, I want to always feel close to the mountains.

This is a bag made by mountain lovers, for mountain lovers.

Mountain Bag
​¥15,950~ (tax included)

Type / Color / Selection items

〈Tote〉¥15,950 (¥14,500 excluding tax)

<Cargo> ¥17,600 (16,000 excluding tax)

Color: Charcoal Black × Black only


<Tote> W:47.0×H:30.0×D:10.0cm (measured at the bottom) Weight: 280g

<Cargo> W:55.0×H:28.0×D:14.0cm (measured at the bottom) Weight: 315g

​ (shoulder strap (35g) included)

material:X-Pac (LS42),CORDURA 500 


*Colors in the photo may look different from the actual product depending on your monitor.

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