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Multi Size Back Pack

From day-trip climbing to Alps traverse, always

A backpack that you can travel with.

For those who seek more freedom

OGAWAND flagship model

With one light and comfortable backpack, you can do day hikes and tent nights. In the outdoor scene so far, backpacks have to be prepared for each season, activity, amount of luggage, etc., which has plagued many users and beginners who want to start the mountain from now on. "OWN" is frameless and has an ultra-light weight of 580g, but it can be changed in size from 25 liters to 50 liters by its unique system and design. With a gimmick that keeps the center of gravity constant even when the size is changed, it is an unprecedented backpack that can be used for various activities without spoiling the comfort and appearance.

ADC (Adjustable Daisy Chain) system that fulfills the ideal

The pack size can be increased or decreased (minimum 25L to maximum 50L) by the ADC <Adjustable Daisy Chain> system * 1 that allows the hook to be attached and detached at any position of the OGAWAND original. By changing the position of the dedicated hook to the two loops that pass through the entire backpack, the load is efficiently distributed at the shoulder, waist (waist), and chest while changing the volume, and the balance is optimized. can do. * 2 “OWN” is a large compression bag in itself. Since the volume can be changed while packing, there is no need to individually compress sleeping bags. As a result, packing is smooth and dead space in the backpack is less likely to occur.


Customize with various options

Various attachments can be made using the unused ADC loop. Trekking poles, mats, ropes, snow gear, fishing rods, etc. can be adapted to the activity and season at that time, and it is easy to put on and take off, so you can freely change it on the field.


A gimmick that can be finely adjusted according to the person carrying it

OGAWAND's original shoulder harness joining method allows you to adjust the length and tilt of the harness at the base of the shoulder. It's easy for men, women, shoulder widths, tilt angles, and back lengths to get the best fit. The shape of the backpack is shaped toward the bottom and waist so that the center of gravity does not drop too much. Adjust the length of the shoulder stabilizer, shoulder harness, and chest strap on the upper shoulder to adjust the center of gravity. Is balanced by "keeping it in the center of the back (middle of the shoulder blades, around the back of the heart)", and you can comfortably carry it on your back without a waist belt.

You can choose a shoulder harness (standard harness ) from 5 sizes from XS to XL to support a wide range of physiques. (By preparing a harness of a different size, it is possible to share one "body" with people of different physiques.)

A lightweight and cushioned support pad is attached to the back. It can be removed from the pad sleeve and used as an extension of the sleeping mat.


"OGAWAND" original shoulder harness joint. You can easily adjust the length and inclination by adjusting the length of the two tapes. It is also possible to share a backpack with a couple or a couple if you prepare a harness of a different size.

→ * About packing and fitting

Commitment to selfish usability

The main fabric uses "210 denier HDPE X grid (Color: Spectra ~)" or "X-Pac", which has an excellent balance of strength and lightness. Lightweight yet solid and secure fabric, it can be tough in a variety of fields all season. Since it can be folded into a small size when not in use, it contributes to storage, space saving, and transportation during travel. Experience "OWN", which is a high-dimensional collection of elements that could not be satisfied with existing backpacks, such as variable capacity, high customizability, comfortable backpack comfort, and lightweight backpack (580g). Please.

Only one for your outdoor activity

If you choose a backpack, “OWN” is the answer.

​¥38,900 (tax included)

* 1 Existing plastic parts are processed and used. We do not guarantee the original performance of the parts

* 2 Recommended closed cell mat with a tubular shape as the skeleton of the backpack

* 3 All are handmade, so there may be individual differences. * Simultaneous ordering is limited to one item per person.

Type / Color / Selection items

Color: Color:

Material: 210 denier HDPE X grid

Spectra Black, Spectra Olive, Spectra Gray

Material: X-Pac VX07,21s

Black, Navy , Coyote Brown


Capacity: 25-50L (variable, not including side pockets)

Weight: 580g (Body: 460g Standard harness (M): 120g) (± 2% * 3)

Recommended load: ~ 13 kg (10 kg or more is recommended to use with optional parts)


* The color of the photo may look different from the actual one depending on the monitor.

* Some of the colors used in the explanatory image photographs are sold out and cannot be manufactured.

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