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A flexible storage bag that does not bother you with packing.
Round Stuff

For everyone who is not good at packing

Eliminating dead space in the backpack and making it easy to take out what you need is important for good packing. Round Stuff is a bun-shaped stuff bag with a large opening and an elliptical bottom, unlike the general vertically long stuff bag that is tightly packed. Store contents with plenty of roomto do So, you can freely change the shape, such as elongated or flattened, to fill the dead space in the backpack. Also, if you open the opening all the way, you can see the contents from end to end, so you can quickly find what you need. It is convenient for storing small items, change of clothes, food, and tools for each activity by color.

Simple in function, flexible to use

<Round Stuff> demonstrates its packing effect even more by using multiple pieces due to its flexible storage. Just pack them in the backpack according to the frequency of use, and they will work to fill the gaps in the backpack. When you take it out, the clear color difference makes it easy to recognize even in dark places, and it reduces the stress of finding your gear and returning it to its original place. By eliminating the troublesome series of tasks of "retrieving and storing luggage" that are repeated many times during hiking, there is no hesitation in taking in and out of gear, and it is possible to respond smoothly from time to time, resulting in a safe and comfortable experience. It leads to action.


M size usage example: cup, titanium cooker, windshield, alcohol stove (Sanpo CF stove), lighter, spoon, alcohol bottle, burner sheet (carbon felt), tea set

Colorful variations

The material uses 30 denier sill nylon with good color development. The slipperiness of the fabric unique to Silnylon also contributes to the ease of storage. The drawcords (strings) are supple and highly visible, and if you bundle the cords together, you can easily hold multiple cords with one hand, so you can save time when moving or evacuating after arriving at the campsite. It also helps shorten. The code locker is "round cord lock” is adopted. Intuitive opening and closing is now possible with less force. In addition to the sizes S, M, and L, the new XL size will also be released sequentially.

You can combine 9 main colors and 2 bottom colors for a total of 18 patterns. (*Three fluorescent colors will be released sequentially)

Round Stuff 
​¥2,530~ (tax included)

Type / Color / Selection items

<Main color>

White / Red / Yellow / Blue / Gray / Indigo / Burgundy / Teal Green / Coyote Brown

<Bottom color>

White / Gray


S size (2,500 JPY)

: W: 18 × D: 13 × H: 14 cm: 8g

M size (2,800 JPY)

: W: 23 × D: 18 × H: 19 cm: 12g

L size (3,200 JPY)

: W: 28 × D: 23 × H: 24 cm: 18g

Material: 30D sill nylon


* 1 The color of the photo may look different from the actual one depending on the monitor.

* 2 Some of the colors used in the explanatory image photographs are sold out and cannot be manufactured.

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