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Spec Up Program

Spec-up program

“OGAWAND” backpack users

"Modification service" for customers * 1

Spec Up Program

Make your own tools "longer and more convenient".

The backpack "OWN", which is a masterpiece of "OGAWAND", has been on sale for more than 8 years (as of 2021), and has become popular with many users as "a tool of its own". Until now and in the future, there have been no basic concepts, configurations, or major design changes, but we are constantly updating (improving) small details. Such "updates" mainly select better methods that can be considered at that time (era), such as opinions and requests from users, improvement of materials used, and involvement with other gears that are actually packed. It is also for the sake of. The <Spec Up Program> is a "modification service" for users who currently have an "OGAWAND" backpack to use it "longer and more convenient".

For those who purchased before 2016 → "Spec 2" (end of release)

For those who purchased before 2018 → "Spec 3" (released around May 2021 * in preparation)

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