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A little pop tube holder


V tube cap

Increase convenience with a little ingenuity.

famous for climbing gearA cute vinyl cover cap that looks like an acorn hat.

It comes with a key ring, so you can put it on lip balm, lighters, or other items that you often want to take out while hiking, and you can also put it on a key chain or attach it to a backpack with an accessory carabiner. Liquids and creams divided into commercially available subdivided bottles or spray bottles can be quickly transformed into containers that can be hung. It is also useful for reducing weight when hiking and preventing loss.


What would you hang?

The size that can be attached is about 1.6 to 2 cm in diameter. The tube is made of non-deformable and non-slip material, so it can firmly catch objects that are not perfectly round. Available in 3 colors with good visibility: white, red, and black.

This is a useful item that improves portability and convenience with a little ingenuity of +4 grams.

V tube cap
​¥330 (tax included)

Type / Color / Selection items


White / Black / Red 


Dimensions: H:3.0 × 2.0Φcm Weight: 4g

Material: Vinyl


*Colors in the photo may look different from the actual product depending on your monitor.

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