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Wrap Sack

Waist-wrapped sacoche that is not bound by the scene

"Wrap Sack" is a simple and lightweight "waist-wrapping sakosh" that can add flexible storage capacity by simply wrapping it around your waist, no matter what kind of scene or clothing you are wearing. Made of a thin soft shell material with water repellency and elasticity, it fits around your waist with moderate tension and flexibility. By wrapping it around your waist, it is not easily affected by layering (correspondence to temperature and situation due to layering of clothes), you can put what you want in a position where you can put it out at any time, and it functions as an intermediate position between clothing and gear. ..

Wrap it around your waist and apply tension to close your mouth naturally. Extra decorations and stitches have been eliminated to the utmost to take advantage of the elasticity, and the lock mechanism consists of only snap buttons. There is less stress when you put your hands in it, and it prevents the sleeves of the garment from getting caught and damaged. Since the stretchable material holds down the contents moderately, the contents do not move around, and small items such as thick gloves and neck gaiters that can not be stored only in the pocket of the wear can be stored together. I can do it. Also, because the opening is simple and flat, you can put long and narrow items such as PET bottles, so it's okay if you have more luggage on hand.


Reduce fatigue and stress with a natural posture

By wrapping it near the center of gravity of your body (around the bottom of your navel), you can feel lighter than when you put it on your shoulder, and you will not get tired easily. You can reduce the tendency of one-sided pouches to wear for a long time and stiffen the shoulders of only one side, or unknowingly lose the balance between the left and right sides of the body. It's easy to lift your legs while hiking, and even when you're leaning forward, such as tying your shoelaces or climbing over rocks, you won't get in the way of turning forward. If you change the way the belt is threaded, you can use it on either the left or right side, so change it according to your dominant hand and usability.

収納例:小型保温ボトル(0.2L)、キーホルダー(ライター、小型ツール、IDカプセル等)、 小型ワレット、コンパクトデジタルカメラ、グローブ。
薄すぎず厚すぎない ストレッチ生地
ロック機構はシンプルな スナップボタン式
ベルトを伸ばせば肩掛け としても使えます
底のR部は伸縮性を生 かすための縫製
細く長いものも押さえて くれるフラットな開口部
左右のベルト付け根内側にはキーループを装備。 片方に付け外し可能なフック付きの延長ショック コードを付属。キーホルダーやミニライト、小型 のツールなどを落とさないように使うのに便利です

Coloring that goes well with clothing

By using a material called "stretch polyamide" that was originally used for clothing (soft shell), we have achieved an appropriate fit and durability at the same time. In addition, it can be used as a waistband or one-sided wrap, depending on the clothes you wear and the situation, so it is convenient not only for mountaineering and hiking, but also for travel and daily use. As for the color of the fabric, we asked them to produce the "OGAWAND" original color in Japan based on the color that was popular in the past. You can use it according to the color of the garment, or you can use it like a different color, and enjoy how you use it.

カラー : Red Ochre レンガのような、少しくすんだ赤色
カラー : Blue Wing 彩度が低めの青色。
カラー : Golden Yellow 紅葉したイチョウの葉のような落ち着いた黄色
カラー : Deep Teal わずかに青みがかった深緑色
カラー : Demitasse エスプレッソのような焦げ茶色
カラー : Pure Black リクエストの多かった「真っ黒」。中央のステッチも黒です。

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Color: Color:

Red Ochre, Blue Wing, Golden Yellow, Deep Teal, Demitasse, Pure Black

Wrap Sack

¥ 4,700 (tax included)


Dimensions: W: 42cm x H19cm

Weight: 42g

Material: Stretch polyamide


* 1 The color of the photo may look different from the actual one depending on the monitor.

* 2 Some of the colors used in the explanatory image photographs are sold out and cannot be manufactured.