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Packing & Fitting

Packing and fitting

Pit of staff bag

A dedicated staff bag that comes with every purchase of sleeping bags, down jackets, rainwear, etc. At first glance, it's a very nice storage bag, but it actually has a big pitfall. Where will the purchased tools and clothing be stored during the actual hike? It is not a closet that can be hung on a hanger or a drawer of a chest of drawers that can be divided into small pieces. Yes, it's your backpack. And, in most cases, the dedicated staff bag that came with it is made to the right size in order to store the product more compactly. Certainly, each item will be smaller, but when you start packing in the backpack, there is no play for storage (room to change the shape), so it is as if you are doing small puzzles in the backpack. As a result, dead space is likely to be created inside.

Have you ever experienced that the size of your backpack is the same as when you came, and that it is bumpy from the outside, even though you have less food and less luggage when you go down the mountain? This is evidence that the packed puzzles collapsed by the end of the hike when there was plenty of time and space before departure, increasing the gap (dead space). During a hike, depending on the weather and time, you may not be able to afford to pack slowly. In addition, there is a flat space that is convenient for packing, and it is often difficult to find it except for break points where mountain lodges and tables are installed. Actually, it is quite difficult to fold a rain jacket etc. neatly and store it in a dedicated staff bag when there is nothing like a table, unless you are accustomed to it. It can be said that the accumulation of things such as not being able to store it neatly and the puzzles not working as expected is the reason why the size of the backpack does not change and it is uneven when viewed from the outside.

Dead space literally takes up more space in your backpack than you need. In addition, the overall balance will be lost, which will make it uncomfortable to carry and look bad. Since it takes time to pack each time you play a puzzle, it becomes troublesome to take out what is in the back, delays in responding to changes in the weather, and trying to forcibly pass through difficult points that appear pinpoint. In some cases, it may lead to unexpected accidents or injuries.

Originally, it is important for packing to organize tools in relation to the purpose. Taking rain gear as an example, rain pants are often worn only after it rains in earnest, but rain jackets are highly windproof and useful for cold weather, so they are used more frequently except in the rain. .. It is convenient to store it together with cold protection accessories such as gloves and neck gaiters in a place that is relatively easy to take out. In addition, down pants and change of clothes are often taken out only when they are stagnant or berthed, and should not be wet as much as possible, so it is ideal to put them in a highly waterproof bag together with a sleeping bag. And the other point is "do not fill the staff bag tightly". I'm a little happy because compression makes each thing small, but when hard things are lined up, dead space is almost always created at the corners and sides. It was supposed to save space, but this is the end of the story. So let's use the staff bag with a capacity of 70-80%. Then, the staff bags will be deformed according to the shape of the adjacent ones and fill each other's dead space. By making it "appropriate" in a good sense, you can afford to increase or replace things, and the packing itself will be smooth as if you were puzzled with pieces that change shape.

Eliminates dead space in the backpack and makes it easy to get what you need. Sounds easy, but it requires some skill. As the name suggests, a staff bag dedicated to gear can store it neatly, but in the actual field it is necessary to connect various situations and make the storage "flexible" accordingly. Keeping it will lead to smoother and stress-free behavior. This will give you more time and feelings, and as a result, you can enjoy hiking more safely and comfortably.

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