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Packing & Fitting

Packing and fitting

<Day trip equipment when luggage is small>

[Before packing]

If you know that you have little luggage, tighten the shock cord on the side to narrow the air chamber in advance. This will create a situation where your luggage will not accumulate at the bottom first .

[1. Start with the heaviest ones]

Put heavy objects that are likely to come down due to vibration during walking first.


[2. Put light things such as jackets and winter clothes]

Pack light items such as jackets in the empty space.

* At this stage, adjust the size with the shock cord on the side according to the size of the luggage.


[3. Roll down the top]

Roll the roll top on the left and right at the same time and decide the length so that it covers the front side of the backpack.

Align the ADC hook of the shoulder stabilizer with the position of the upper end of the pad sleeve to complete.


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