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Equipped with "OGAWAND" original gimmick
Full-scale large backpack

Why is it “large” now?

I'm sure many of you are wondering, "Why would a garage brand that promotes weight reduction make larger products?"

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of backpacks that claim to be ultra-lightweight, not only from garage brands but also from mass product manufacturers, thanks to the support of the ``UL (ultralight)'' method and style. I feel like I can now freely choose my favorite from a wide variety of small to medium-sized (40 liter class) models.


However, when it comes to large backpacks (60L or more), the story is a little different. If you are going on a long traverse where it is difficult to replenish supplies, or if you are hiking with photography equipment, bulky winter gear, or party equipment, the weight will naturally increase depending on the capacity, and the durability of the backpack will be more important than its own weight. The emphasis will shift to "good fit." Even if the backpack is 500g heavier, if you can easily carry that extra 5.0kg on your back, it can be said to be cost-effective. As a result, it is also true that when choosing a large backpack, although many people understand the benefits of lightness, they choose mass-produced products even if they are a little heavier due to their track record, sense of security, and large lineup. .


``Even if it is light, it can carry the weight firmly'' This sounds simple, but it is also very difficult. Many people incorporate weight reduction into their activities and realize that lighter equipment allows them to walk more easily, feel more natural, and improve safety. And what happens after that is that you may be able to do things that you previously thought were impossible.It also showed me the possibility of realizing my ``desires'' and ``longings'' that I could go even further. But the 1.0kg figure doesn't lie. Every step you take puts a strain on your body, and you cannot escape the spell of weight. A “large backpack” is something that is sought after in the gap between such ideals and reality, and is like a “culmination” that cannot be achieved without pouring all the technology, ideas, and know-how of the manufacturer into it. I think it's something.

This theme is something that "OGAWAND" cannot avoid, and through repeated tests, we have continued to search for "flexible ideas and approaches typical of a garage brand." The "Goraon" that we will be introducing here is a "large bag for today's times" with a maximum loading capacity of 65L, a body weight of under 1.0kg (940g (min: 830g)), and a gimmick full of originality. "Pack".

Supports weight with "rear center of gravity design"


The ``rear center of gravity'' is not particularly unusual, and a category product called ``alpine pack'' that is geared toward climbing has existed for some time. Although it is not suitable for carrying very heavy loads Backpack “OWN” equipped with “OGAWAND” original gimmick ADC (Adjustable Daisy Chain) systemWe succeeded in reducing the burden on the body by changing the vector (direction) of the load while maintaining the "rear center of gravity." Even if it is a lightweight backpack without a frame, by replacing the ``body itself'' with a frame,*1We have demonstrated that you can comfortably carry your luggage even when it gets heavy.


"Midriff Harness"*2 is a shoulder harness that is more suitable for heavier weights and has one more direction vector change. Many people have probably experienced feeling a little more comfortable when they are carrying a heavy load and their shoulders are getting tired when they walk while holding a shoulder harness with both hands. This is because by pushing the harness forward, it increases the degree of contact with the backpack, and by changing the vector of the load applied in the rear-down direction (towards the front), the burden (weight) on the shoulders is relieved.

"Midriff Harness" is a harness that takes over this function, and is an innovative harness system unique to "OGAWAND" that "supports the weight at the back center of gravity while suppressing the weight increase of the backpack." .

Even more lightweight with the High Waist Belt

For men, 15 to 16 kg of the Midriff Harness alone is fine, but adding a High Waist Belt will make it more comfortable to use over longer distances and for longer periods of time. In a typical "waist-loading" backpack, the backpack's "frame" and "waist harness" must be "structurally connected" in order to firmly transmit the load to the lower body. As a result, it tends to be heavy, but if the backpack does not have this "structural connection", only the main body will succumb to the weight and fall down, and even if there is a waist belt, it will be like a mere "stopper". It becomes cumbersome and cannot be carried comfortably on your back.


 Therefore, in order to take advantage of the “back center of gravity,” “Goraon” is placed above the hipbone. Narrow part of the torso (high waist)We concluded that the most effective method is to ``tighten it with a wide pad'' like wrapping it in your palm. It supports the movement of your torso and receives the load over a wide area, so your hip bones won't hurt or become difficult to raise your legs, reducing the burden on your shoulders.By firmly holding the upper body from the shoulders to the curve of the spine to the softest part of the stomach, and replacing the body itself with a frame, we have achieved an unprecedented fitting.


When you hear that it is "light but can support a lot of weight," it sounds like a dream-like system, but it is not without its disadvantages. ``Replacing the body itself with the frame of the backpack'' means that the backpack adheres closely to the body. In other words, sweating on the back side is unavoidable unless you are someone who doesn't sweat a lot. Therefore, it is necessary to have skills and equipment that prevent you from overheating, how to walk without sweating, and because the overall center of gravity is located at a slightly higher position, so you need core strength to prevent your upper body from swaying when going down steep slopes. It becomes.As with packing a frameless backpack, here too we use techniques and skills to compensate for lightness.You will need this way of thinking. Women who are concerned about chest compression are recommended to use the "standard harness” + “high waist belt” combinations are also available.

Sufficient functions, expandability is more than necessary

If your luggage is large and heavy, lifting and lowering your backpack can be surprisingly troublesome. The side pockets of the "Goraon" are very large and have a unique shape that makes them easy to access even when carrying the bag on your back. The tension cord in the center of the edge of the pocket allows you to use the "front" and "outer" sides of the pocket as two independent pockets, rather than just a large pocket.


Compression belts on the sides can securely hold even heavy objects like tripods, and release buckles on the top and bottom edges make it easy to release and remove the belt. At the bottom end, long items such as skis can be attached by holding down the side pockets from above with a belt. Of course, using the ADC system,Optional parts” is still alive and well. You can freely remove and reposition it according to your activity.  


The main fabric is "X-Pac VX21" which is lightweight yet highly durable and waterproof, making it tough to use all year round regardless of the season or field. Choose the size that suits you from a total of 5 combinations of 6 calming colors and 2 sizes of back length x 3 sizes of harness to suit your physique.

31_Graon-All Black.jpg

Color: All Black

Solving the additional disadvantages of “large size”

Typical large backpacks often have large and rigid frames to support the weight, and require a considerable amount of storage space even when empty. In addition, as a practical matter, many people find it difficult to go on mountain trips that involve using large gear multiple times a year, and because of the infrequent use of gear, they may have to purchase expensive and bulky gear or have difficulty getting used to it. I think there are many people who feel a dilemma when it comes to ephemerality.  “Goraon” has a variable size range of 40 to 65L, so it can cover a wide range of trips centered on the bakufu. Even when not in use, if you remove the contents, it will be thinner to a few centimeters thick and weigh less than 1.0 kg, which is lighter than a long winter coat, so you can hang it in your closet on a hanger or fold it and store it in a medium-sized suitcase. Is possible. "New generation lightweight large backpack - Goraon" with variable capacity, high customizability, and original gimmick that can be comfortably carried on your back is finally ready for release.

Take your mountaineering to the next stage.

Please experience the charm that conventional "large backpacks" do not have.

​ ¥55,000 (tax included)

*1 "Goraon" comes with a 1cm thick back pad (removable)

*2 Midriff: Means "diaphragm" or "center of the torso" and refers to the area around the solar plexus.

*3 As all items are handmade, there may be individual differences. *Only one item per person can be ordered at the same time.

Type / Color / Selection items

Color: (Material: X-Pac VX21)

All Black, Dark Khaki, Coyote Brown, Navy, Slate Gray,

Port(sold out)

Charcoal Black (sold out)


Capacity: 40-65L (variable, not including side pockets)

Weight: 940g (Body: 665g Midriff Harness (M): 165gHigh waist belt (removable) 110g (±2% *3)

Recommended load: ~18kg (high-waist belt recommended for 15kg or more)


* Colors in the photo may look different from the actual product depending on your monitor.

* Some of the colors used in the explanatory image photos are sold out and cannot be produced.

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