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Packing & Fitting

Packing and fitting

To get lightness

The <OGAWAND> backpack uses high-spec fabric that has both lightness and strength, and by omitting excessive decoration and parts, it is about 500 g to 1 kg compared to general mass product products on the market. It is made as light as possible. By actually carrying lighter luggage, you can reduce the burden on your body, improve safety, and enjoy outdoor activities more comfortably. As your luggage becomes lighter, you can bring delicious ingredients and sake to enjoy in the mountains. It can also be an opportunity to bring heavy gear that you have given up. However, in order to gain the advantage of "lightness", it is necessary to understand and practice the appropriate packing and fitting methods.

A "frame pack" that uses metal stays such as aluminum has a solid skeleton, so you can carry it on your back without paying too much attention to packing, but as a result, dead space is likely to be created inside. , It has the disadvantage that it is hard to notice even if the weight balance is bad. In addition, each manufacturer has various lasts (body shapes) as the standard for making backpacks (* Especially, female models of overseas brands have a firmer upper body than Japanese women), so backpacks with a design you like. There are many cases in which the body is stressed because the body shape does not match even if you find it.

What is a frameless backpack?

"Frameless packs" such as the <OWN series> are softer overall than these "frame packs", so they are easier to follow the line of the body and can be adhered to in a wider area. This brings the "center of gravity of the body" and the "center of gravity of the backpack" closer together, and has the advantage of feeling lighter even with the same weight. In addition, the <OGAWAND> backpack has a "shoulder harness" that can be replaced with a "body" so that the fitting can be finely set according to the back, chest circumference, and shoulder tilt angle of the person carrying it. In addition, the adjustment method can be easily changed in the field, so it is possible to make fine adjustments according to the situation while actually hiking.

We will explain the packing and fitting methods to maximize the effect.

・ How to match fitting (OWN) → ■

・ How to match fitting (Goraon) → ■

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